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Texaco has been providing customers with high quality fuels for more than 100 years. Texaco products were first introduced in Ireland in 1924, and the brand has continued to grow and develop since. Texaco has been working with the Lidon Group for over 60 years and is the fuel supplier to both Junction 14 Mayfield and also Fitzpatrick’s New Lodge, with the latter being one of the oldest Texaco fuel stations in Ireland.

The Maxol Group is Ireland’s leading family-owned oil company. Established in Ireland in 1920 by William McMullan, Maxol markets a comprehensive range of oil and petroleum products to all sectors of the Irish Market, through Retail, Lubricants and Fuelcard divisions and continues to grow today. Maxol is the fuel supplier and to M3 Mulhuddart Services and is also represented by Moreish, their fresh food department.

The first Supermac’s opened its door in 1978 on Main Street, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. Since that first opening Supermac’s restaurants have become a firm fixture in towns and cities around Ireland. Today Supermac’s is the largest indigenous fast food restaurant group with a policy of continued expansion and growth. Supermac’s has been working with the Lidon Group since 2011 and is the fast food supplier for both Junction 14 and M3 Mulhuddart Services offering freshly cooked to order meals.

Insomnia Coffee Company is Ireland’s leading independent premium coffee chain. Insomnia has grown from a single location in a Galway bookstore 1997 to an estate of 140 coffee shops across high street and through partnerships with SPAR and Eurospar in addition to other Irish Retailers. The company also has 300+ self-service units in operation, both in Ireland and the UK. Insomnia has been working with the Lidon Group for some time and has locations in Junction 14 Mayfield, M3 Mulhuddart Services and Fitzpatrick’s New Lodge.

Operating in Ireland for over 50 years, SPAR is one of the country’s largest convenience retail groups. From the time it opened its first store in Dublin in 1963, the brand has been a leader in Irish convenience retailing, bringing consumers the most innovative products and in-store offerings.  With a presence in every county across Ireland, SPAR’s over 370 stores provide employment for 14,000 people locally. Spar have locations in Junction 14 Mayfield and Fitzpatrick’s New Lodge.

Freshly Chopped was born in Ireland through pure love of health and fitness, with a true lack of nutritious food available to people wanting to live a healthy lifestyle on the go. The name Chopped is derived from our unique way of preparing your food using our super-hero mezzaluna knife to provide fast healthy food to you over the counter. At Freshly Chopped we’re hungry to bring you fresh, clean and nutritious food, served quickly. Chopped has partnered with the Lidon Group in M3 Mulhuddart Services.

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